Well, it has been a little while since there was a message from me. Of course, a lot has happened since our second place at the HKU Awards last year. I’ve been investigating the further possibilities of the company and I am proud to announce we are now official registered for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2017. With this nomination, we take a new step in the field of healthcare design and hope to make great connections and a chance to win the Blue Tulip. The upcoming period Hartbeat Interventions will, yet again, take a new flight in the process of making hospital life more comfortable.

Can I participate, you might wonder? Well, sure!
There is a social voting campaign in which you can vote for the concept you like most. The highest voted concept gets a place in the semifinals and a chance to pitch for the jury. Doing so, you are creating a window of opportunity for future patients.
If you are interested, or would like to vote click this link:

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