Looking for music programs in a hospital environment?

At Hartbeat Interventions we’ve created an interactive music streamingservice, personalized for your patients. Whether they are four year old, in their thirties of enjoying their pension, we are there to make their stay in the hospital more comfortable.

The current program we offer is Hartbeat Music:

Hartbeat Music

Digital on demand music streaming.
Operationchambercomplex (holding, operation chamber, recovery)
Policlinic (Urology, Oncology, MRI, etcetera)

The product:
A legal, safe, hygienic and easy to use on demand music player with thousands of up to date tracks. Specially selected in service of reducing the patients’ pain, stress, anxiety and analgesia use.
By providing music to the patient, Hartbeat Music supports the tasks performed by doctors and nurse (policlinic), IV team, anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist assistant and surgeon. It is also available for individual workers to unwind and distract emotions.

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